Following the 2017 Joint EFTF-IFCS conference, select papers will be invited to submit a full manuscript for publication consideration into a 2017 Special Issue (SI) of the IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control (T-UFFC). It is hoped that the Special Issue serves as a time capsule to represent the state of the art in Time and Frequency to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the atomic definition of the second. Conference presenters, in particular invited speakers and the student paper finalists, are also encouraged to submit papers to the SI.

Deadline for SI paper submission: September 30th, 2017.

Interested authors are recommended to read the attached, “T-UFFC Conference Special Issue Guide for Authors”.

Of significant note – the manuscript for the SI of the T-UFFC must contain substantial additional technical material from the conference proceedings. This must be justified based on one or more of the following: new theoretical or experimental results, enhanced modeling and characterization, descriptions of new applications, better placing the study in its context, greater depth of discussion, more elaborate analysis of results and additional references.

As a guideline for authors, the Editor-in-Chief of the T-UFFC has set the quantitative threshold for substantial additional technical material to be 40-50% above, not only the conference proceedings, but all previous publicly archived material.

Guest Editors: POC, Gregory Weaver JHU/APL, gregory.weaver[at]
(replace [at] by @)
Jérôme Delporte, CNES
Elizabeth Donley, NIST
Dana Weinstein, Purdue University
Jeremy Everard, U. of York
Stefan Weyers, PTB
Ashwin Seshia, University of Cambridge
Stefania Romisch, NIST
Helen Margolis, NPL