Dear guests,

While your partners will be listening to highly scientific communications, we propose you a choice of three tours to visit our local area. The one with the more votes, the more attractive one for you, will be the only one that will be selected. If you had chosen another tour, you may then join the selected one or not.
If none is sufficiently attractive, you may just visit the city on your own or get information from the tourism office (a representative of the tourism office will be on site sunday 9th, end of afternoon).
You will receive information soon on how to vote for one tour (if you decide to make one…. no obligation).
The tour will be scheduled for wednesday, July 12th, but we might change the date if the meteorological conditions are not good enough.

Short touristical video of Besancon

Tour 1 : Ornans, Courbet Museum and the Loue Valley


09h00 : Departure in bus from Micropolis conference center to Ornans and the Courbet Museum.

10h00 : Arrival at the museum, guided visit in english, then free time to visit on your own.

11h45 : departure for the restaurant  » La Table de Gustave ».
Menu (identical for all the group) : TBD

14h00 : Guided tour of the city of Ornans.

15h00 : Guided visit (in bus) of the jewels of the Loue Valley.

17h00 : Return to Besançon.

18h00 : Arrival at Micropolis.

Cost : 87€ per person (travels, museum tickets, guided visits, lunch). Limited to a group of 15 people.


Tour 2 : Saltworks of Salins and Arc-et-Senans (UNESCO World Heritage monuments)


9h00 : Departure from Micropolis.

9h45 : Guided visit of the Saltworks of Salins-les-Bains.

11h45 : Departure for lunch.

12h15 : Lunch at the « Relais d’Arc et Senans ».
Menu (identical for the whole group) :

Terrine of Morteau sausage with mushrooms and mixed salad
Roasted Guinea fowl with hazelnut brittles
Potato cake
Chocolate Marquise and vanilla ice cream
1 bottle of Côtes du Jura (red or white) for 3

14h15 : Departure for Arc-et-Senans for a guided visit of the Saltworks, built by Claude-Nicolas Ledoux, the free time on site.

17h00 : Return to Besançon.

17h45 : Arrival at Micropolis.

Cost : 73€ per person (travels, saltworks tickets, guided visits, lunch). Limited to a group of 15 people.


Tour 3 : Arbois, capital city of the Jura wines


09h00 : Departure from Micropolis.

10h00 : Arrival at « Domaine de la Pinte » for wine, cheese, bread and deli meat tastings.

11h30 : Departure for the restaurant « La Finette » in Arbois.

Menu (identical for the whole group) :
Mixed Comtoise salad with walnuts
Jésus de Morteau ( big sausage) with lentils
Apple pie
1 bottle of Arbois red for 4 persons

14h00 : Guided visit of Louis Pasteur’s house.

15h30 : Departure for Les-Planches-Près-d’Arbois.

16h00 : Visit of the Reculée des Planches, natural site with high cliffs and cascades.

17h00 : Back to Besançon.

18h00 : Arrival at Micropolis.


Cost : 64€ per person (travels, tickets, visits, lunch). Limited to a group of 15 people.