Invited Speakers

Plenary Speakers

Professor Lawrence Krauss, Director of the Origins Project and Foundation Professor in the School of Earth and Space Exploration and the Physics Department at Arizona State University: Journey to the beginning of time

Dr. Terry Quinn, Emeritus Director of the BIPM: History of Atomic Time and the new SI

Professor Virginie Van Wassenhove, Director of NeuroSpin MEG, Group Leader at INSERM: How does the human brain make sense of time?

Invited Speakers

Adrian Bachtold, Institute of Photonic Sciences – NEMS resonators based on low-dimensional (1D & 2D) nanomaterials and operation of such resonators in the ultimate physical limit

Murray Barrett, National University of Singapore – Multi-ion Lu+ clocks

Rodolphe Boudot, FEMTO-ST – Cell-based stabilized laser and microwave clock using push-pull optical pumping

Philippe Bouyer, Institut d’Optique – Atom Interferometry in 0 g

Davide Calonico, INRiM – European fiber network

Ursela Ebels, Spintech – Spin transfer nano-oscillators

Todd Ely, NASA – DSAC and deep space navigation

Heiko Gerstung, Meinberg – 802.11x with time transfer capabilities at the physical level and IEEE1588 update

Archita Hati, NIST – Cross-Spectrum noise measurements

Amit Lal, Cornell – Fingerprint sensors using HBAR resonators

Vincent Laude, FEMTO-ST –  acoustic and optical waves and their interactions, especially in micro and nano-structures (phononic and photonic crystals)

Philippe Laurent, Observatoire de Paris – PHARAO

Liang Liu, SIOM – Chinese Space Clock

Yan Pennec, University Lille – Photonic crystal sensors

Kevin Stanton, Intel – Synchronization for IoT

Hong Tang, Yale – On-chip optomechanical devices and nanomechanical resonators

Patrizia Tavella, INRiM – DEMETRA project

Peter Thirolf, LMU Munchen  – Th nuclear transitions

Kim Turner, UCSB –  Nonlinear dynamics and parametrically excited micro-electromechanical systems

Yanqing Zheng, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics – Novel piezoelectric materials

Bruno Marcilhac, Thales – Mobile HTS cryogenic oscillator